Welcome to Cuckoo's Life, the exciting new video game that challenges you to help a cuckoo bird put its eggs in other birds' nests! In each level, you'll need to destroy the other birds' eggs and strategically place your own eggs in their nests to win.

But that's not all - you'll also need to keep an eye out for pesky predators like angry birds, cats, and ducks that are out to get you. And while you're at it, make sure to grab some delicious little worms to keep your energy up!

To play, simply use your keyboard or joystick. Use the right and left arrows to move your cuckoo bird around, and hit the space bar or green Y button to take flight. You can drop your eggs with the blue X button or the Z key. And if you need to take a break, just hit the ESC button to pause the game.

What's really amazing about Cuckoo's Life is that all of the graphics are made with just three simple shapes - circles, triangles, and rectangles. But don't let the simple graphics fool you - this game is packed with excitement and challenges that will keep you coming back for more.

So what are you waiting for? Come join the fun and help the cuckoo bird find success in this exciting new video game!

Music and sound : Discord  Ramsey#9423

In addition to playing Cuckoo's Life online, we also offer a downloadable Windows executable for an even smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. We highly recommend downloading the executable for the best performance.

You can choose to use the portable version, which doesn't require installation and can be played directly from a USB drive, or you can install the game on your computer for quick and easy access anytime.

With the Windows executable, you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in the game and enjoy all of its features without any interruptions or lag time. So why wait? Download Cuckoo's Life today and start helping that cuckoo bird thrive!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Animals, beach, bird, cuckoo, Cute, Forest, plat, Singleplayer, Unity


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This was one of the more polished games I had the pleasure of enjoying. You did a fantastic job on this! One of my favorites


Man you did it ,this is awesoooome

Thank you

I love the art and the shadows! :P


I love the look and sound of this game. The visuals and audio are really well put together :)

Thanks, I am happy that you enjoy my game.

Such a cute game! I love it❤


Hey, the game and the art is just awesome! I also like how you managed to compose all the graphics from simple figures. Though, there is one thing I did not get - the ground, there are enemies walking on the ground but I, as a bird, has no good motivation to fly low (or do I?) and can simply stay safe by flying high enough


Thanks for the comment. about the ground you have to eat some worms... those are on the ground and they are also quite difficult sometimes to catch.

Ah, I see, that makes sense then!

Amazing work! Congratulations man, very fun game, awesome art and sound too

Thanks, I am still working on it.. I will release before the end of the jam another level with other graphics and animals.

Wow, this is really well made, I managed to get under a duck and carry it high into the sky! Great fun. Really impressed with the music, the graphics and the gameplay. Nice job!


Thanks for the comment, I will increase the mass of the duck in order to keep it down.

Nonono that's a good thing.